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Schedule of Events

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Rob Davidson, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

The Warm-Up

Proper warm-up can be the difference between racing off to the lead in a match and spending time digging yourself out of a hole. Learn what you should do *before* your match to perform at your best from the first point.

Helle Sparre, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

Proper Court Positioning

You may have the right groundstrokes and your head in the game, but you still need to be in the right place at the right time to make the play. Learn how to make sure you and your partner are where you need to be on the court to put yourselves in a position to win!

Byron Freso, IPTPA/PPR Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

The Serve

Let’s get this match started! The receiver is at an advantage, but you’re going to learn what you can do to help turn the tables. Advantage, shmantage…

Rudy Meredith, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

Return of Serve

Unlike tennis, the receiver is at an advantage. Learn what to do to build on that and get to winning the point. Leverage your position and end the point!

Justin Maloof, Executive Director – USAPA

Pickleball – Past, Present, and Future

Learn about the origins of pickleball, the rapid rise in the sport’s popularity, hints at what might be coming in the future, and the critical role the governing body (USAPA) is playing.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

Dominic Catalano, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro


Don’t fear the backhand! Just because this is most people’s (and likely your) least favorite shot, learn to make it a strength and you’ll see how quickly you win more points and more matches.

Barb Wintroub, Coach and Pickleball Pro


If you often feel like the Tin Man at the beginning of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ then feel that way no more! Being properly stretched helps to prevent injuries and ensure that we’re moving around the court at our best. And it’s beneficial off the court as well!

Deb Harrison, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro


Don’t be rooted to one spot. Get moving! Proper footwork gets us where we need to be on the court in half the time and in position to win. Experience “The Thrill of Victory” without “The Agony of De-feet!”

Gabi Plumm, President of Pickleball Association of Australia

Injury Prevention

Pickleball can and should be fun for everyone. Don’t let preventable injuries get in the way of that for you. Learn about common, preventable pickleball injuries and how you can guard yourself against them.

Jack Bandel, Owner –

Choosing a Paddle

Determining what paddle to get certainly doesn’t come down to lack of choices. Different materials, lengths, shapes, … This session helps you cut through the clutter and noise to make sound decisions on where to start with your first (or next) paddle.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Scott Moore, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

The Third Shot

Considered by many to be the hardest shot in the game. Learn the hows, whens, and whys to this critical shot and see your results race to new heights!

Marcin Rozpedski, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

The Volley

You’ve got yourself to the kitchen line, now it’s time to dominate. Use your court position to your advantage, and put your opponent on their heels. Volley like it’s 1999!

Wayne Walden, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro


Sometimes you have to ‘grip it and rip it,’ but often it’s finesse and ball placement that are going to win the day. Dinking is one of the critical skills that separate the the better players from everyone else. When the point calls for a lighter touch, don’t get a sinking feeling, get a ‘dinking’ feeling!

Stephanie Lane, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

The Lob

A well-timed and well-placed lob can quickly put you back in the point. A great skill to have in your arsenal and to keep your opponents guessing.

Tony Tollenaar, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

The Overhead

Getting a ball above your ‘waist’?  Don’t let the opportunity go to ‘waste’!  Learn the techniques to really put away that put away and end the point or get on offensive.

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Marcin Rozpedski, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro


Ready to try out the waters of one-on-one pickleball? You’ll need to be ready to not only move more but change up many of the strategies that have served you well in the doubles game. Mix it up with some singles and learn to be more competitive from the start.

Corrine Carr, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro


Doubles play can be like a chess match. Learn how you and your partner can be on the same page and work in unison to dominate the court. It’s almost unfair to your opponents…almost.

Alice Tym, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro


Give an angle to get an angle. Winning points is often less about overpowering your opponents and more about hitting the ball where they’re not (and keeping them from doing the same to you). Learn how to use the court dimensions to your advantage and put your side in the best possible position to win.

Noa Geyne & LeEllen Lane, Pickleball Pro

Young Players

Learn from two fantastic young pickleball talents about their introduction to the game and subsequent quick rise as age group medal winners. What they’ve learned and advice to other young players coming into the game.

Trey Sizemore, Founder – Pickleball Hut & World Pickleball Summit

Deliberate Practice

Want to rapidly improve your game? Don’t be like most of the players out there. Go out and practice with a plan. Learn how to make use of the time you have available to get the maximum results.

Friday, February 8th, 2019

Lucy Kitcher, Pickleball Pro

Choosing a Partner

How to ‘Choose’ a great partner and ‘Be’ a great partner. The relationship with your playing partner can tilt the balance of a match. Learn how to find the right person that will complement your game and personality.

Jeaney Garcia, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

Mental Toughness

Many a player has lost a match to someone of lesser skill and ability. Often times, it’s more about the ‘mental’ aspects of the game vs. the physical. Learn how to get in the right mental state to succeed both before and during the match.

Seymour Rifkind, IPTPA founder and Pickleball Pro

Choosing a Coach

Often times the fastest route to improvement is with the help of a coach. Someone to objectively assess your game and help you to master the skills needed to become a better player. This session will help guide you to finding the right person for the job.

Steve Paranto, IPTPA Certified Coach & Pickleball Pro

Different Playing Surfaces & Conditions

Indoor vs. outdoor. Asphalt vs. wood. Playing conditions and surfaces can vary wildly and their ‘playability’ equally so. What are the right balls and shoes for the surface, how is the bounce affected, what else should I be aware of where I’m playing. Learn all this and more in our session on court surfaces and conditions.

Dr. Joe Demyen, Doctor of Chiropractic


Learn more how chiropractic care can provide whole body care that can help prevent injury, recover more quickly, and help you play at your best on the court.

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